A simple recipe, perfected and now expanded to encompass over 30 flavors, including old favorites and now dietary requirements.

Family, customer satisfaction, and memorable experience are what inspires me to make the best cheesecake.

Family- Having my family’s love and support to motivate me, to coach me, to inspire me and to challenge me to achieve the best I can.

Customer Satisfaction- Without the customer, there is no business and without their satisfaction, there's no return business.

My goal is to make a product that wows you and to do it better than anyone else.

Memorable Experience- Of all your senses, your taste buds can instantly take you back or create a timestamp for future memories, I want my cheesecake to simply make you smile.

As sole owner, proprietor and chef, my aim is to deliver that moment with all my cheesecakes. That moment that happens when you take your first bite of something divine, that transports you like an out of body experience! Whether it takes you to a flashback of a special memory or just lifts you from the ordinary into an extraordinary day.

My cheesecakes are ideal for workplace parties, business lunches, family get-togethers… any time when amazing flavors are needed to make an unforgettable impression.

Order individual portions by the dozen, or whole cakes for the maximum wow factor.

Mission or business tagline: Your cheesecakes are made to order, please give minimum, 2 day notice.
Food business category: Baker <%
Product types:
Baked goods
Business stage: New (1st year) (secured legal documents) <%
Preferred method of contact:
Phone call
Country: United States <%
Most recently updated Aug 12, 2019