I make the filling with fresh squeezed Bear's limes (when in season)and with Meyer's lemons! I also build the crust with a combination graham cracker crumbs and lemon wafer crumbs! This hybrid crust enhances the flavor of the "KEY" lemon pies! The recipe used is the Key Lime pie recipe and process but with the local fresh ORGANIC fruit I pick from my trees! FRESH AND DELICIOUS! I currently have three sizes: 5" & 7" & 9." I will soon be selling at the Farmer's markets in Oceanside and Carlsbad. To order now call THE PIE GUY at 760-803-8004. HOMEMADE AND DELICIOUS!

Mission or business tagline: ONE BITE AND YOU ARE HOOKED!
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Baked goods
Ready-to-eat foods
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Phone call
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