Food Venture is designed with your success in mind whether you’re just starting out or you have a fast growing company looking to expand. Production is a breeze in our USDA Certified, fully equipped, 5,200 square foot, shared-use commercial kitchen. Clients have access 24/7 with shipping/receiving available.

Start-Ups: Kitchen Starter Package

$15.00 per production hour (Standard Rate: $25.00)

Optional storage package $50.00 per month: 1 pallet; 1 shelf in cooler; 1 shelf in freezer

Duration: 6 months from start date or up to 50 hours (whichever occurs first)

Payment is required in advance for hours scheduled during this period.

Standard Rates:

$25.00 per hour

Dry Pallet: $18.00

Freezer/Cooler Shelf: $44.00

Freezer/Cooler Whole Rack: $84.00

Storage Cage: $30.00

Most recently updated Jul 11, 2019