Queen of Vega is a plant-based desserts company.

We create desserts for health-conscious sweet lovers who are looking for alternative healthier confections.

Our products are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free that not only tame crazy sweet cravings but they are nutritious and delicious.

They can be enjoyed equally by those who have allergy sensitivities and food intolerances and those who make a conscious choice to be proactive about their health and their kid's health.

Unlike conventional "flour and sugar" desserts that are empty calories and compromise your health our treats are made with unprocessed raw nuts, seeds, fruits, flowers and vegetables and are naturally sweetened with agave nectar, maple syrup and dates.

We love sourcing our ingredients from local farmers and respect seasonality. We carefully select Non-GMO, mostly organic, local, fair-trade ingredients and do not use artificial colours or flavourings.

Everything is natural and handmade in small batches with love!

Mission or business tagline: Nourishing Plant-based Desserts
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