Being Venezuelan, We are very happy and proud to be able to share this most typical and traditional appetizer with you. It is called a “tequeño”, and it is always an honored guest at every special occasion. In fact, it has become quite popular in other countries around the world, as well. Tequeños are small cheese sticks, rolled in soft dough and fried to a crunchy and delicious perfection. They are fantastically simple and quick to prepare. The classic tequeño recipe has changed over time, with the addition of other varied ingredients to the cheese. One well-loved variety is the nutella, and guava-cheese: which includes guava and fresco cheese. Tequeños are always a staple at home. Family and friends loves them. Why not join the fun and try them for yourself? You won’t regret it.

Mission or business tagline: Present to new markets a delicious food option with high quality standards.
Food business category: Food artisan or value added producer (not a baker) <%
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Frozen foods
Ready-to-eat foods
Business stage: Pre-venture (idea phase, no legal documents) <%
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