Bellicchi’s Best Biscotti is smaller than many Biscotti – it’s crunchy - not hard, making it perfect for snacking and dunking.

Because of its size, you may get a different taste with each bite. When you bite into an Almond Fennel Orange Biscotti – you’ll get a crunch of almond, a blast of fennel, a back note of orange; a bite of Johnnycake offers the light crunch of Johnnycake meal and the tart sweetness of NE England cranberries...

We bake six flavors of Biscotti – Almond Fennel Orange; Cocoa Nibs; White Chocolate Macadamia Lemon; Johnnycake Cranberry - The Rhode Island Biscotti (also packaged as Johnny Cranberry - The New England Biscotti) gluten free Almond Fennel Orange; gluten free Cocoa Nibs.

Whole Foods RI, MA, CT; Eastside Market Providence; Tom's Warren, The Black Pear Barrington; Borealis Coffee, Riverside RI; The Nook and The Savory Grape E Greenwich; Macondo Stonington CT; An Unlikely Story Plainville MA; Siena Farms South End and Boston Public Market, Boston, MA; Shubie's Marblehead MA; The Pantry, Washington Depot CT;

Mission or business tagline: Dunk! Crunch! Yum! Bellicchi's Best Biscotti
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Baked goods
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