Wholistic Brands uses natural, quality ingredients to make wholesome and nourishing food with the vision to build up communities in impoverished cities and urban populations. All the food is plant based, and profits are used to enhance environmental sustainability and community development.

Products: Wholistic Brand Original Granola: A customer favorite with all natural oats, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and sweetened with cinnamon, vanilla, and agave. Only 2g of sugar per serving. Great for breakfast, or a quick power snack. This product comes in two sizes: the snack size which has 2 servings and the value size which has 7 servings.

Community Cookies: Wholistic Brands version of the chocolate chip cookie, this cookie is made with whole ingredients and is minimally processed. Protein packed with peanut butter and whole oats, and sweetened with dairy free chocolate chips and bananas; this sweet treat that can be eaten for breakfast or for dessert.

You can buy these products at wholisticbrands.com

Mission or business tagline: To produce plant-based food that is sustainable for the environment and directly enhances the quality of life in impoverished communities with profits and products.
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Baked goods
Consumer packaged goods
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