Products consists of all things pickled that can be safely canned in a kitchen commercial. We use our own recipes and currently sell at Frisco Rotary Farmers Market. We also have been invited to 2 more markets in the area and began a wholesale process with a farmer. We currently have dill,spicy,and bread & butter pickles as these are the only flavors that are allowed under the Texas Food Cottage Law. Being able to cook in a commercial kitchen we will be able to add other vegetables with the cucumbers plus can other vegetables/fruits on their own using the pickling process. People can come buy our products at the Frisco Farmers Rotary Club in Frisco every Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00 until October 27th and then every 3rd Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00.

We will also starting to farm our own vegetables using the hydroponic process and are hoping to share these vegetables with the surrounding communities.

Mission or business tagline: Farm to Table
Food business category: Food artisan or value added producer (not a baker) <%
Product types:
Oils or vinegars
Raw agricultural processing
Business stage: Growing & scaling up production <%
Instagram: squaregardenpickles
Preferred method of contact:
Country: United States <%
Most recently updated Oct 7, 2018