Since April of 2014, the core focus of our business has been our relationship with our customers.

We understand that you have one important thing on your mind, and that is your health. The ingredients we use are very simple to read and to pronounce. The sugar we use is strictly organic and kosher, the vanilla extract we use is organic, no color added, non-GMO, and kosher, the cinnamon is pure ceylon aka real cinnamon, and most important, the nuts we use are non-GMO and kosher.

So for our health’s sake, we strive to bring to your tables the purest ingredients out there without hurting your wallets. Ya`, that’s how nuts we are.

You can order by giving us a call, visit our website to order, or go to any of farmers markets we work at. We deliver for free if you are local and there is no charge for shipping anywhere in the U.S. Let us know how we can accommodate you!

Mission or business tagline: "Cause at the end of the day....we're all nuts"
Food business category: Food truck, cart, or mobile food vendor <%
Product types:
Baking or ingredient mixes (dry)
Business stage: Existing (2-3 years) <%
Preferred method of contact:
Phone call
Country: United States <%
Most recently updated Sep 24, 2018