The Baba coffee cart will distribute coffee and espresso drink items using coffee roasted by Pannikin in Encinitas, delivered twice a week to the store.

I plan to offer chai, mocha, white mocha, and matcha powders for hot drinks and chai, vanilla, mocha, and matcha for iced/blended drinks. I will also offer flavors for drinks such as vanilla, sugar-free vanilla, caramel, sugar-free caramel, coconut, lavender, peppermint, and pumpkin spice.

Dairy milk options will include whole and non-fat milk. Alternative milk options will include almond, coconut, soy, macadamia, and oat milk from Pacific.

I will also offer a rotating selection of black, green, and herbal teas from Tea Gallery.

The cart will offer a condensed food selection of what the Baba cafe in Carlsbad offers, including pre-baked, pre-packaged goods such as croissants (butter, chocolate, almond), gluten-free muffins, and cookies. The croissants are prepared and delivered to the store by a chef from Le Papagayo. We proof and bake them fresh at the store every morning. The cookies and gluten-free muffin batters are delivered by Pannikin. We also bake these at the store daily. I will also be ordering donuts from VG Donuts (Encinitas) for sale at this cart.

In addition, I plan to offer avocado toast and breakfast sandwiches as other options. I will be using Bravocado avocados, also delivered to the store, and Prager Brothers country sourdough wheat. The breakfast sandwich will use the same wheat toast, cream cheese, scrambled eggs (microwaved), and there will be an option to add Boar's Head precooked bacon.

Acai bowls would be another food option. It will use Roots acai sorbet, Udi's granola, coconut shreds, sliced strawberries and bananas, and raw local honey.

I plan to have cold beverages as well, such as bottled water and Perrier.

Food business category: Food truck, cart, or mobile food vendor <%
Product types:
Baked goods
Dairy and eggs
Frozen foods
Raw agricultural processing
Business stage: Novice <%
Preferred method of contact:
Country: United States <%
Most recently updated Sep 12, 2018