Big J -n- Lil’ J’s Carne Loca menu ain’t fancy or complicated.

This helps us focus on our #1 Goal - Three dishes, to perfection, every time!

#1 Our succulent Carne Loca is served on a freshly baked roll and can be accented with your choice of condiments. Cheese, mayonnaise or mustard all goes well with the sandwich, but we recommend you try your first bite just as it is.

#2 Our own take on the Brazilian classic, Feijoada, which is a combination of pinto and black beans, sausage and bacon. Sparsely seasoned with salt, onions, and garlic, these ingredients don’t need too much help from us to bring a smile to your lips.

#3 To top it all off, we serve a brightly seasoned slaw made with just enough red pepper and vinegar zing! It’s the perfect complement to the earthy richness of the Carne Loca and Feijoada!

We are currently available for catered events or you can catch us at the Farmers Market in Monterey Park CA from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM at 1950 Wilcox Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91755

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