We first started creating our soap as a way to address the skin sensitivity of the children in our household. Children have always been our biggest inspiration. Due to asthma and eczema, they have negative reactions to many of the soaps in the market. In order to remedy this, we have dedicated more than ten years of research for the perfect balance of essential oils, herbal remedies and vitamins to create the product we have today. As a results, we have seen clearer and healthier skin. This is what we want to share with you now. Our soap is perfect for those who need something more gentle. Each bar contains goats milk and/or coconut oil and has been infused with Vitamin E, Aloe-Vera and Essential Oils; as well as being Organic. We make each bar our self to ensure quality and presentation.

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Mission or business tagline: Our Lotions are perfect for those who need something more gentle on the skin !
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