Yoga Pops, made from Asian water lily seeds are inspired by Ayurveda, bring the experience of yoga through food. These ancient super seeds, known for their health benefits, have been used for centuries as part of Ayurvedic medicine.

These plant-based, healthy, crunchy snacks are a great alternative to popcorn. Our artisanal snacks are hand roasted, spiced and packaged in small batches.

They would be sold in farmers markets coops, specialty retail stores.

At Route to India, our goal is to create products inspired by Ayurveda that are nutritionally beneficial, socially conscious and environmentally sustainable. A part of our profits go towards the education of children

Mission or business tagline: Nourish Your Inner Yogi. Good Food. Great Vibes
Food business category: Food artisan or value added producer (not a baker)
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Business stage: New (1st year) (secured legal documents)
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Country: United States
Most recently updated Nov 14, 2018