Experience the Mojo of Indian Spice Kits

A unique blend and combination of aromatic spices brings rich flavor to Indian cuisine.

Bring this flavor into your home with our authentic Indian spice kits.

Spice kits include all the spices and our family spice mixes (Masala) ​from our kitchen complete with cooking directions to create flavorful, fresh home cooked Indian meals.


Our Spice Kits include pre-measured spices and time-tested family recipe

Currently, we offer four Indian Spice kits for preparing your delicious meals:

1. Chicken Curry and Cumin Rice

2. Vegetable Curry and Cumin Rice

3. Curried Vegetable Saute and Cumin Rice

4. Spinach Daal (Lentil Soup) and Cumin Rice.

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Most recently updated Jul 27, 2018