The Sustainable Collective LLC is a project that offers sustainable food for local businesses and residents with sustainability in minds. Our Service and Diverse Products result from our Ingenuity and commitment to offering choices using organic and sustainable ingredients.

The Sustainable Collective offers more sustainable and better "ready-to-eat" food choices. We create sustainably minded food, menus, and products that will keep us healthy in our bodies, minds and the environment. We work closely with local farmers to offer wholesome scratch-made food for local homes and businesses.

Our products will be available at selected retail locations, wineries, breweries, and other small establishments with sustainable practices.

Mission or business tagline: Sustainable Food and Lifestyle for Everyone
Food business category: Food artisan or value added producer (not a baker) <%
Product types:
Baked goods
Baking or ingredient mixes (dry)
Frozen foods
Ready-to-eat foods
Business stage: New (1st year) (secured legal documents) <%
Instagram: localfoodseattle
Preferred method of contact:
Country: United States <%
Most recently updated Apr 19, 2018