Urban Roots, distributor of an aquaponic farm located on 25 acres in Brea

California, produces all organically grown products in 2,000-4,000 square-feet

greenhouses and is one of the largest aquaponic farms in the states. The farm’s

systems were built out of recycled items in green houses above leased oil land

that could not be used for conventional farming due to soil content. In addition,

these greenhouses support California’s water conservation using less than one

gallon of water to produce in 28 days oppose to conventional farming that uses

10-15 gallons of water to grow one head of lettuce taking 45days to produce. Not

only does it considerably use less water, but it’s multiple bed gravity flow return

systems (NFT ) require no energy to operate resulting in a sustainable urban farm.

Mission or business tagline: Our Mission is to change both the agriculture and the restaurant industry by supporting the sustainable movement and offer an exclusive line of Aquaponic Produce.
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