What makes our sauces and most specifically our Original Most Versatile Steak Sauce so different to any other sauce on the market, is that it's great on just about anything. You can through out all your other sauces and only use ours.

Jimmy's Sauces are the manufacturers and distributors of the famous Jimmy’s Steak Sauce that has taken South Africa and the World by storm. This versatile sauce found it’s birth in 1989 and was developed and perfected over many years to be used as a marinade or a basting sauce. This product has become one of the leading sauces in South Africa and is currently the top selling marinade in retail stores across South Africa. This wonderful sauce does not need to be refrigerated either before or after opening it. It’s versatility and flavor enhancing qualities enhances most dishes..

Jimmy's is a Steak Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Marinade and Cooking Sauce all in one. Jimmy’s Sauce is now available in the USA, imported from our manufacturing plant in South Africa. Jimmy’s Sauce was awarded World Champion Steak Sauce at the 2015 World Hot Sauce, BBQ and Extreme Food Awards in Louisiana.

During 2017 we also made available our Jimmy's General Seasoning Salt to the USA market and we are very excited to bring our Jimmy's Infused Sweet Mustard, Salad Dressing and our Burger and Fries sauces to the USA in 2018!

We currently have more than 60000 followers on our South Africa Facebook page and our social media in the USA are growing day by day as more and more people discover our delicious products.


Jimmy Sauces (South Africa):

Unit 46B, 46 Gemini Street, Brackenfell, 7560, Cape Town, South Africa


Jimmy's Sauces USA:

980 Birmingham Rd, Suite 501 - 350, Milton, GA, 30004, USA


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