We are wholesalers and retailers who manufacture the best jam preserve fruit spreads on Long Island! Our product line of over 30 fruit, savory, and sugar-free varieties includes Peck family recipes and customer favorites, such as:

- Mainer Christmas

- Aunt Joyce's Orange Marmalade

- Four Berry Moose Mashup

- Cry of the Loon Raspberry

- Puffin Pear and Vanilla Bean

- Autumn Apple

- Strawberry Rhubarb

All batches are handcrafted / prepared under the watchful eye of Brian (aka Jam Man). All of our varieties use all natural ingredients, are intentionally low in sugar, have no added preservatives, and are gluten free / non-GMO.

Our product line of jam preserve fruit spreads are sold across Long Island and NYC farmers markets (see our website for locations).

We are also in a select handful of local Specialty Shops and Gourmet Markets and hope to be added into yours real soon!!

Most fresh fruits and vegetables locally sourced from Long Island and Upstate New York farms across the growing season. However, our Wild Maine Blueberries are sourced from commercial growers located in midcoast Maine (Appleton, Elsworth) - Brian makes an annual pilgrimage to these farms for his flats in early August.

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