Sweet Vineyards started with a line of wine inspired biscotti( Sweet Marsala Wine Biscotti, Vin Santo Wine Biscotti & Vin Santo Mialno Biscotti) to service the vineyards during the peak seasons. Traditionally, biscotti has been paired with sweet wines, but these can be enjoyed alone or with coffee, as well. Last season we extended our line to include Tea Biscotti ( Lemon Honey Biscotti) and Cocktail Biscotti ( Margarita Biscotti and Limoncello Biscotti), truly unique . All the biscotti can be enjoyed by itself or with a beverage. This upcoming season, we are expanding into pies, called Vineyards Pies. As the name implies, the pies will be inspired by the flavors and the spirits of the Vineyards. Our website is currently under construction to add on new additions and will include online orders this up coming Summer/Fall.

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Baked goods
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Most recently updated Apr 13, 2020