Karen’s Goodness produces all-natural foods using organic ingredients.

Karen’s Goodness Granola is a toasty, crunchy, sweet/salty, irresistibly more-ish snack, made with all-natural and organic ingredients. It's perfect for snacking, or sprinkled on yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, ice cream, and more. Unlike other granolas, Karen’s Goodness Granola is light, with no hard clumps, yet crunchy. It strikes the perfect “bliss point” of sweet and salty, incorporating rolled oats, coconut chips, nuts, and seeds complemented by a hint of pure maple syrup.

Karen's Goodness Granola will be on sale soon at www.KarensGoodness.com and at retail locations.

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Consumer packaged goods
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Most recently updated Oct 24, 2017