Healthy City Food Vegan (HCFVegan) was created around the concept that organic vegan food raw or cooked could taste just as good as and even better than conventional food. We offer vegan soul products to the world. Our foods are nutritionally comprised of a delicious blend of natural herbs, spices, and vegetables that will enrich your body and soul.

We do not use genetically modified oils or any animal products. We do not use soy and offer some gluten free options with the exception of our pie crust shell which is made with organic spelt and our vegan seitan meat that is made with wheat. We make Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Butternut Squash Pies with a variety of organic fruit or dark chocolate toppings. We also offer Muffins, Raw Cookies, Raw Organic Zucchini Pasta with choices of our Almond Sesame Delight, Raw Pesto or Raw Coconut Soul Alfredo Dressings. We have Vegan Meats like our Seitan Chicken Fingers with our three dipping sauces Tahini Barbecue, Tahini Agave Mustard and Louisiana Tahini Hot Sauce. We are Currently at Integral Yoga, Jahlookover Juice Bar, La Marina, Cafe Du Soleil, Lenox Gourmet Deli

Mission or business tagline: Made By Healthy Vegans With Love For All. A fact of life is that vegans cannot enjoy many of the tasteful foods that countless others can enjoy. That is why we substitute the “conventional” for the absolutely sensational!
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Product types:
Baked goods
Consumer packaged goods
Meal or box foods
Business stage: Existing (2-3 years) <%
Facebook: healthlycityfood
Instagram: hcfvegan
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Phone call
Country: United States <%
Most recently updated Aug 1, 2017