Our focus is simple. BAM BAM Bites are a snack that is made from minimal ingredients, nutrient dense, and satisfying. They are bite sized so that they are re-sealable and portioned out, unlike energy bars or protein bars, where they will go stale if you do not want to finish the whole thing at once! We also pride ourselves on the texture we've attained, avoiding the common "cardboard-like" texture of similar products making eating healthy more desirable.

Bam Bam Bites were inspired by the need for an amazing-tasting product with minimal ingredients and that can be enjoyed by those who have food sensitivities and are health conscious as well.

Bam Bam Bites are clean snack bites that are gluten free, dairy free and vegan. They are a healthy alternative to snacking, and provide energy and fulfillment with few calories and all-natural protein. Bam Bam Bites give YOU the power to resist sweet temptations because they hit the crave spot just right!

Mission or business tagline: Changing people's relationship with healthy food by providing power you can devour!
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Baked goods
Baking or ingredient mixes (dry)
Consumer packaged goods
Ready-to-eat foods
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Phone call
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