Minnesota has such a great food and beverage community. It’s warm, welcoming and supportive of independent makers. As part of that community we create sodas that appeal to grown up sensibilities and taste natural, not like corn syrup.

We believe two things:

1) Good cocktails shouldn’t be ruined by boring mixers.

Our sodas use natural ingredients to create complex flavor profiles. They are perfect for mixing super simple cocktails that stand out.

2) Non-drinkers shouldn’t be left out of the craft beverage experience.

Designated drivers, gluten-free, vegan, the under 21 crowd, and those who choose not to drink still deserve something more interesting than Coke.

Our products include Ginger Beer, Orange Blossom Tonic, Hopped Cola, Lemon Blueberry Juniper and Sparkling Water.

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Most recently updated Aug 6, 2019