{The Exotically Fresh Café} Introducing Cleveland’s first Mobile Exotic Super Fruit Café! 2 years ago, Tricia Reddy was strolling through La Jolla, California, when she saw her first Pitaya bowl and eager to bring back a piece of California! Coastline's bowls are built with Pitaya, a refreshing super fruit noted for its antioxidants, iron, calcium, fiber and Vitamin A & combined with locally sourced fruits from the West Side Market. Everything that we do is local, delicious, & #ExoticallyFresh! Behind Coastline's supply chain is an incredible story of social empowerment! Fruit is grown in Central America by “Super Moms” – Single mothers. Purchasing a Coastline Bowl contributes to creating new employment opportunities in areas that need it the most! Grab a bowl, follow us on social media, & join us on our journey!

Mission or business tagline: Our mission is to be the first Mobile Exotic Super Fruit Cafe in Cleveland (Ohio); by drawing attention to our all-natural, organic, vibrantly colored, and delicious tasting Pitaya while simultaneously creating a welcoming environment & influencing an active lifestyle. We're happy to report that our vision has come to life. Here's some recognition and positive feedback we've received from the Cleveland community.
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Frozen foods
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Most recently updated Jan 3, 2017