Hi! I'm AC Price, Abstract Spice Creator & Culinary Health Foodie, and CEO of AC Art Of Food.

AC Art Of Food is a culinary health resource designed to inspire and motivate individuals to eat healthier! 

I accomplish this with my offerings of,

- Immune boosting/ Anti-Inflammatory

*A B S T R A C T  S P I C E*

handcrafted, all natural, low sodium seasoning line available in


•Lower Sodium


•Lemon Salt & Pepper

•Lemon (LOW) Salt & Pepper

•Rose Sea Salt

...it’s ‘Good on EVERYTHING!’

- Culinary Health & Blood Type Session Consults

- Culinary Health Cook eBooks (Vol. 1 & 2)

- Customized Meal Plans

- Cooked with AC! A virtual cooking experience

- And MORE!

The company was initially founded in 2003 where I started my cooking journey as a caterer and private chef.

Today,  AC Art Of Food, LLC is re-focused as a culinary resource loaded with healthy delicious spices, meal plans, recipes, sessions, ideas, and tips to encourage a delicious healthful lifestyle! 

Be sure to visit my site:  www.acartoffood.com

Follow me on all things social media under  'AC Art Of Food', and/or contact me directly at info@acartoffood.com. 

~Great Eats & Healthy Living!

Your Culinary Health Resource!

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