We create natural, whole-food, plant-based delights that satisfy and then go to work for you. Our launch brownies, blondies, and red heads are rich in flavor, plant protein, and soluble fiber. We use natural, diabetic-friendly ingredients like Monkfruit, Stevia, creamy white bean meal, avocado and apple.

Reserve S CA catering at www.getjazzedmunchies.com or 949-209-0979. Delivered boxes full of treats coming in early 2017. See website fir more details, and MUNCH ON!

Mission or business tagline: Foods that work for you -MUNCH ON!
Food business category: Baker <%
Product types:
Baked goods
Baking or ingredient mixes (dry)
Consumer packaged goods
Meal or box foods
Ready-to-eat foods
Business stage: New (1st year) (secured legal documents) <%
Facebook: JazzedMunchies
Preferred method of contact:
Country: United States <%
Most recently updated Nov 8, 2016