Crème de Liqueur - alcoholic ice cream custard (

Close your eyes and think of your favorite ice cream. Got it? Now mentally stir in your liquor of choice.

Mmmmm… If you’re wishing you had a spoon right about now, allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Crème de Liqueur, creators of an alcohol-infused ice cream custard who always have a reason to celebrate.

We love how food and drink have the power to elevate any and all situations:

– Having some Me Time on a Tuesday night? You deserve a dessert made from simple, high-quality ingredients and cream from local farms.

– Playing cards with your closest confidants? Up the ante with a shot of top-shelf spirits in every serving.

– Opening the door for everyone in your address book (plus people you’ve never seen before) at your shindig of the year? Wow them with creative cocktail-inspired ice creams that’ll keep the party going all night.

Shall we go on a spree and eat to enjoy ourselves, no matter what the occasion? Let’s clink spoons and cheers to wondrous, delicious times.


Truth be told, co-founder Elizabeth Nash was all play and no work when she developed the trade secret freezable alcoholic ice cream recipe. As the hostess with the mostest, she wanted to treat those who came over to a next-level indulgence.

When the three flagship flavors were perfected, she turned to co-founder Nisreen Galloway, a foodie through and through who saw business potential in the dessert she couldn’t stop raving about.

In two kitchens across the country, these two sugar lovers got to work creating the custard in your freezer (What? You haven’t order yet. Let’s fix that here.) It took many a dirty spoon and a lot of trips to the liquor store, but we’re proud of the creamy product we’ve created. We hope you have as much fun eating it as we did making it.

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