This is what we do, more important, why:

Good Spread is a (pea)nut butter company that was born from a non-profit called MANA. MANA makes a vitamin-fortified, therapeutic peanut butter (called RUTF created by Doctors Without Borders & UNICEF) that effectively cures Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM), the leading cause of death among children worldwide. 96% effective (improving the previous method by more than double). But only 1/3 of the RUTF needed is funded.

So we leveraged MANA’s supply chain (they make tons of peanut butter), vertically integrating GS to create the TOMS of peanut butter. Nice traction (Kroger, WFM, Compass, etc.) and an urgent need to get to push because so many children die from an almost completely curable chronic disease (20 million+ suffering, many will be disabled, more than 3.5 million will die). Our most recent trip was to a South Sudanese refugee camp in Northern Uganda-750k people, mostly kids, mostly malnourished.

It is the simplest way we could think of to get together with the millions of people who dig peanut butter (in 92% of American pantries) and the ecosystem of grocers, distributors, etc. to save a child’s life.

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