The need for a non-ketchupy, garlicky, flavorful sauce to spoon over tostones (fried plantain) was real in my household. No restaurant or bottled sauce really hit the spot, so my mother, Milly, made this creation many, many years ago. In a traditional Puerto Rican pilón (wooden mortar and pestle), she crushed fresh garlic and spices into a flavorful paste and combined it with oil. A jar of this is still always found in our refrigerator.

This sauce quickly became a staple in our meals and a frequently requested condiment by family and guests. While mojo means "wet" in Spanish, this sauce holds major magical powers as it has been our secret to making tasty food. Use it as a base for sauteeing or roasting your favorite proteins or vegetables. Use it as a marinade. Use it as a condiment. And of course, it's perfect with tostones.

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Oils or vinegars
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