Like anything ah-mazing, our spice blend starts with a story— our very own family story. We are sharing some of the crazy adventures that led to the unveiling of Majid Spice—including how we are pharmacist created and now pharmacist manufactured; how we honor family and personal growth; and proof that the American dream is alive and well. We are locally made, sustainably run, and woman-owned. Check out our story at!

Majid Spice has a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean flavor profile. A subtle curry base with fresh herbal notes. We opted to leave the salt and heat out, so you can control the amount of salt and heat you want to add. For those of you who prefer the low sodium option but want some flavor and color— Majid Spice is your new pantry staple! Add to poultry, beef, lamb, fish, veggies, popcorn, roasted seeds or nuts, dips and hummus… just to name a few! We also have other accompanying spices to jazz up that salad or add a little zing to your Taco Tuesdays.

Our sourcing. We put love into every step when making Majid Spice. Our ingredients are wholesome and hand-chosen. We lightly toast some spices to create a depth of flavor and aroma. Then the perfect amount of each spice and herb is freshly ground and blended into this golden spice! It really tastes (and smells) like magic! We are perfect for all dietary preferences: gluten-free, paleo, vegan, pescatarian, vegetarian, preservative-free, and dairy-free.

Our service. Being from Atlanta, we are sharing the love by donating a minimum of 10% of our proceeds to local Atlanta charities. Check out our current fav, Friends of Refugees. We love their mission and story!

Our social. Follow our Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest pages, where we share your recipes, stories, and successes using our spices! Share the love #majidspice


Negin Moon

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