Charma's Green Chips are organic snack food product made from dehydrated kale and collard greens. The purpose of the product is to serve as an alternative to the highly processed chips on the market. The collard green chips are 160 calories per serving and the kale are 170 calories per serving.

These chips are delicious. The kale chip has a savory flavor while the collard green chip is sweet and pleasant. The spicy collard chips are made from organic spices and hot to the taste.

The chips come in one and two ounce packages and are sold at the Local Grocer which is located at the Flint Farmers

Market and Dales Natural Food Health Store located on Miller Road in Flint Michigan. The product is sold at the Red Truck in the Central Market in Detroit Michigan and at Whole Foods (Detroit, West Bloomfield, East Lansing, and Rochester Hills). You can order the product online at

Mission or business tagline: The product fights against childhood obesity and mitigates against lead poisoning.
Food business category: Food artisan or value added producer (not a baker) <%
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Business stage: Existing (2-3 years) <%
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