Ancient Indian Spices is a mission-driven seasoning company to help support small farmers in the US and India. Our seasonings are of exceptional quality, whole spices that are pan-toasted which intensify their flavor, bring out the aromatic oils, and add complexity. Ancient Indian Spices is dedicated to demystifying Indian cuisine and cooking! You can now make authentic Indian cuisine easily at home. Your purchase helps us support US-based farmers by purchasing their products for our seasonings and supporting Indian farmers through our sales.

Ancient Indian Spices offers exceptional quality seasonings such as chai masala, chaat (snack) masala, various regional curries, golden turmeric, tikka, tandoori, kormas, organic Indian teas, select Indian spices such as asafoetida, Himalayan pink salt, Indian long peppers (pipli), and gift sets.

Food business category: Food artisan or value added producer (not a baker) <%
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Business stage: Existing (2-3 years) <%
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