Hey I’m Jas and I make incredibly delicious vegan crunch bars designed to supply whole food nutrition while keeping it very tasty to go! I simply make 3 products right now: 1) Dark Chocolate Maple 2) Agave Cardamom Macadamia 3) Blueberry Beet Hemp. My business stands out because unlike my comparable I devised an indulging one of a kind flavor combo whilst still only using whole clean foods such as rolled oats, millet and medjool dates and customer have spoken saying they’ve never had a bar like this before! It is geared towards folks who enjoy an active lifestyle and to hard workers in general as it supplies brain boosting plant based fats and complex carbs to keep your game going strong. Currently I sell through my Instagram platform only due to COVID otherwise I was found at Austin Bouldering Project and Castle Hill Fitness before they closed.

Food business category: Baker <%
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Baked goods
Business stage: Novice <%
Most recently updated Aug 4, 2020