My idea started when I graduated from Hillsborough Community College. I majored in restaurant management for Associate degree. I graduated in Dec 2016, but I was working at the restaurant industry for almost 7 years and decided to become an entrepreneur. I believe I can exceed any customer's expectations and meet their needs. The reason I named it as Island Bitz because I grew up enjoying the meals and my adopted dad is Jamaican. Also I always love the Caribbean and American foods. I also believe my customers would love the various meals from Island Bitz.

Island Bitz specializes in Caribbean and American cuisines. We seamlessly blend this set of experiences to create innovative, elevated, and inspired dishes. We also

We aim to change the landscape of the culinary world by redefining the limits of Caribbean and American cuisines.

Food business category: Caterer <%
Product types:
Meal or box foods
Ready-to-eat foods
Business stage: Pre-venture (idea phase, no legal documents) <%
Facebook: IslandBitz
Instagram: Islandbitz_16
Most recently updated Jul 24, 2020