How we came about......It started as a perfect idea to raise money for the youth during Summer Camp at a Preschool I managed back in 2015! It was hot and we needed something to sale that would POP! Something that was a known favorite, something that was good to indulge in with the summer heat. An idea came about......Hot Boiled Peanuts, a Southern Snack, paired with a Summer Favorite, Ice Cold Lemonade. These two go hand and hand together, SALTY and SWEET!

The idea was a success and we raised more than enough for our youth that summer. It did so well, parents began to request more and more. I decided to turn it into a Mobile Food Business, "The Nutt Haus".

Serving the community by employing Teens/Young Adults. Giving them the opportunity to learn Leadership, Responsibility, Goal Setting, and much more all while having fun in a Family Environment!

We serve The Best Hot Boiled Peanuts and Lemonades in the West Orlando Area!

Food business category: Food truck, cart, or mobile food vendor <%
Product types:
Baked goods
Candies and confectionery
Ready-to-eat foods
Business stage: New (1st year) (secured legal documents) <%
Most recently updated Feb 5, 2022