French-West Indies (Haititan Gastronomique)

Culinary Maverick and Chef on-the-go, I love creating a story on a plate.

I provide alfresco dining destination secret supper clubs also known as underground or pop-up restaurants, a meal preparation private onboard catering services.

I'm a Modern Day Herbal Chef with a passion for Molecular Gastronomy and Preventive Health with Cannabis infused Fine Dining through catered events. I enjoy Food-Sharing+Art+Tech. I make hand-crafted sustainable meals on artfully arranged plates using healthier substitutes to create a Sustainable Shift to Clean Eating. Providing alfresco dining destination secret supper clubs also known as underground or pop-up restaurants, a meal preparation private onboard catering services. As a Modernist-Herbal Chef with a passion in Molecular Gastronomy. I embrace my ethnicity with a French West Indies (Haitian) undertone to my dishes. Adding in a little bite of Japanese influence for a twist and focusing on Preventive Health with Cannabis infused Fine Dining.

I went from an Emirates Airline Flight Attendant based in Dubai for 3½ years to a lifestyle of featuring my culinary skills in kitchens all across the globe.

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Most recently updated Sep 8, 2020