Vision's Sown, An Ancient Baking Company is a specialty baking company that creates allergen friendly, free from, plant based bakery products that support universal health and wellness. We are bakery products innovators first and foremost. Yet, we are also a federal food service contractor that leads teams who deliver catering, food prep and sanitation services to the federal government. Prior to becoming a federal food service contractor, my team and I lovingly created and sold our beloved, specialty bakery products at farmer's markets, colleges and universities, and to one hospital in the Greater Boston Area. Our plant-based, allergen friendly specialty bakery products line is made up of many beloved products, that include: Original Almond Butter Cookies, Carob Almond Butter Cookies, Cocoa Peppermint Almond Butter Cookies, our nut free cookie line, Ancient Oatmeal, Heirloom, Chocolate Chip, Heirloom Peppermint Chocolate Chip, and Espresso Chocolate Chip all made with delicious dairy free inclusions. We also make a line of plant-based muffins and muffin tops filled with seasonal fruit, berries and glazes. Our most beloved product line is our Sprouted Ancient Doughnut, the first product in the line to be commercialized under The Ancient Bakers brand name, will launch this summer from Fork Food Labs. A simply delicious and amazing product, this wonderful baked doughnut boast sprouted grains, salba chia, and other whole ancient grains that can make vitamin D health claim that come from natural nutrients. We are thrilled to offer a new kind of sweet treat with sought after nutritional value. Stay tuned, we will be announcing soon when they will be available. Welcome to the world of Ancient Baking!

Food business category: Caterer <%
Product types:
Baked goods
Baking or ingredient mixes (dry)
Meal or box foods
Ready-to-eat foods
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Most recently updated May 22, 2020