Gluten free fanatics! Are you tired of trying to bake gluten free and you don’t have the right ingredients? Or it doesn't turn out the way you want it too? Well look no further! I have created a handful of gluten free kits:

~Golden Challah Bread

~ Basic B*tch White Bread

~ Naan

~Super Green Bites

~ Bliss Bites

These Gluten free kits contain pre measured dry ingredients with instructions included. All that is needed by you are the wet/perishable ingredients. If you are located in the Portland area the delivery is free. Shipping is available across the U.S.

Golden Challah Bread: $8

Basic White Girl Bread: $9

Energy Bites: $9 (17 bites per kit)

Super Green Bites: $15.00 ( 10 bites per kit)

Shipping: extra cost depending on amount of kits

Minimum order 2 kits.

If interested you can message me or email at

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Baking or ingredient mixes (dry)
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