We serve 2styles of Oko (a.l.a. Okonomiyaki) which is a Japanese street food full of vegetables, eggs and yummy toppings. Osaka style is well known like a veggie pancake. Hiroshima style is very unique and not yet widely known, though it is delicious. Hiroshima style is like a savoury open, multilayered crepe. On a thin base layer of wheat batter, we cook fresh veggies, pork, egg noodles, and egg, layer by layer on griddle, topped with Oko sauce, green seaweed and mayo. Oko is a good combination with Beer in Japan.  Being the first Hiroshima style Oko joint in lower mainland (and probably in the entire Canada), we bring a unique culinary experience to you.

Food business category: Food truck, cart, or mobile food vendor <%
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Meal or box foods
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Most recently updated Jun 25, 2020