When my friend Linda was having health issues, she was craving a crunchy cookie that would not interfere with her diet and taste good at the same time. I developed a recipe for Biscotti with no added fat and minimal amount of sugar that she called ‘her lifesaver’. Shortly after her healing, I hurt my back and could not stand for long periods of time, the Biscotti and other cookies became my therapy.

Friends and family became the recipients of my ‘physical cookie making therapy’. Biscotti by biscotti, cookie by cookie, friends and family loved what I was making. One day, I was cutting the Biscotti and there were lovely crumbs all over the cutting board. My friend Lisa asked for the chopped crumbs and nuts and put them in her yogurt.. VOILA!

Today we put the crumbs in yogurt, ice cream and use them for salad toppings!

Save The Crumbs Cookies™ will be donating a portion of every sale to local Charities.

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