Has a young girl Born in Puerto Rico raised in Yonker's NY . I watched my mom cook with a bottled sauce called Goya Sofrito. And as an adult mother of 3 I decided to come up with my own homemade brand made out of natural herbs and mild spices without any preservatives. Many of my neighbor's would compliment me and say wow we know when your cooking the aroma is amazing and we would love to try your food. So I started giving away food to those who wanted,, Soon after Mi Sofrito Criollo was being talked about by many neighbor's family and friend's saying she should bottle it and sell it . This bio is very long and interesting but to keep a long story short,,,Mi Sofrito Criollo is being sold at Jungle Jim's Internationl In Fairfield right next to Goya!!!:) Wow through all the challenges and door's slamming in my face all they had to do was to try it and they did Ironic Isn't it I humbly Thank everyone that's been and will continue being part of my journey........ To all members of Findlay Kitchen I just got some great news that MI Sofrito Criollo will be Jungle Jims Eastgate permanent vendor as well!! Now we will be in both Locations I can't wait for the regular hours I will be in the Kitchen doing production !!!

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