Full Metal Burgers brings backyard cooking to the next level by forging handmade smash-style burgers, pulled chicken and vegetarian choices on a cold-rolled steel griddle. We are committed to juicy, crispy, and aggressively flavorful food with a heavy metal twist. With made-to-order and specialty burgers, additional entrees, meat-free options, and family-style sides, we offer something for everyone and every event.

Mission or business tagline: Full beef patties forged with steel and fire
Food business category: Food truck, cart, or mobile food vendor <%
Product types:
Meal or box foods
Ready-to-eat foods
Business stage: Existing (2-3 years) <%
Facebook: fullmetalburgers/
Instagram: fullmetalburgers/
Twitter: FullMetalBurger
Preferred method of contact:
Country: United States <%
Most recently updated Mar 26, 2019