Oceanside Commercial Kitchen (“OCK”) is a cost effective solution for a culinary entrepreneur. "OCK" offers 2 kitchens (hot and cold that are separated by an alley) with over 1700sqft of mobile food cart storage, temperature controlled storage, refridgeration storage, equipment storage, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Often referred to as "community kitchens", "commissary", "ghost kitchens" or "shared kitchens", the concept is simple. We provide fully licensed, professionally equipped commercial kitchens available for rent. Whether you are just starting out, or already have an established business, “OCK” can help make your business more efficient and profitable!

Accepting new clients?: Yes <%
Additional fees and services :
Dry storage
Cold storage
Freezer storage
Warehouse storage
Batch testing
HAACP planning
Recipe testing
Special events
City or county agency for kitchen licensing and inspection: Oceanside
Kitchen spaces available:
Kitchen or cooking
Bake shop or bakery
Refrigerator storage
Chilled or temperature controlled room
Dish room/scullery
Dry storage/pantry
Freezer storage
Warehouse storage
Teaching kitchen
Commercial equipment available:
Commercial Oven
Convection Oven (circulation of hot air)
Deck Oven
Food Processor
Food Mixer
Food Slicer
Industrial Coffee Maker
Prep Tables
Onsite specialty rooms :
Allergen free (i.e. peanut, soy, etc)
Gluten free
Other specialty room
Other kitchen offerings:
Business address
Delivery location
Greywater disposal
Grease recycling/disposal
Loading dock
Mobile stainless steel worktables
Pallet jack
Pots and pans
Key or card entry
Pest management
Security cameras
Sheet pans
Small wares
Space to park/clean/plug in food truck/carts
Stainless steel worktables and sinks
Stainless steel shelves
Trash and recycling
24/7 Access
Kitchen product specialization:
Food business consulting and product development
Food trucks
Serviceable business stage:
Community Group
Recipe testing
Pre-venture (idea-phase, no legal documents)
New (has legal documents)
Existing business
Growing & scaling up production
Bookable only by Verified Food Businesses: Yes <%
Country: United States <%
Most recently updated Aug 26, 2022