Kayma is an Arabic word for a nomadic dwelling, a place that feels like home whether it is permanent or temporary. Kayma is a place where you feel loved and safe, where you chat and laugh without forgetting the best part - feeding till you are full. Our Kayma will be the place where we share our hospitality, customs, and recipes.

We - Wafa & Mounir Bahloul - grew up in a big family where sharing and hospitality were our everyday. There was always a joyful gathering around food, it didn’t matter what was the occasion or what time of the day, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There were always three main ingredients; food, story and laughs.

About the Chefs: Mounir first started cooking seriously when he came to the Bay Area, calling his mother on weekends to learn the recipes and flavors of the home he missed. His wife Wafa took her passion for cooking and studied French pastry in culinary school in Algeria before moving to the Bay Area. Together they worked in food business in the Bay Area until they joined La Cocina in 2018, and took the leap of starting their own dream cart and catering business.

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