About Ciaran Nagle & Tara Novak

Co-Owners and Founders of Foundation Kitchen

Ciaran and Tara have been involved in the arts for over twenty years, both touring internationally as performers and as business entrepreneurs. Separately, Ciaran founded an event and production company called Nagle Productions in Ireland, which has been servicing a global market for over fifteen years.

In between tours, rather than teaching, Tara (www.taranovak.com) followed her other passion in life - food and wine - and worked for ten years in fine-dining restaurants in Kansas City, New York City, and Boston.

When the pair moved to Boston in 2012, they ended up combining these talents, both performing and doing business consultancy at an Irish pub. One fateful day in 2013, on a floating raft on a pond, with a bottle of sparkling wine and some friends, they blindly said “yes” to running a shared kitchen facility in Somerville. The business made sense to them - it seemed much like, in the music world, running a rehearsal studio.

And… it turned out that they loved it!

When the owner of the previous facility they managed decided to close its doors, Ciaran and Tara knew they wanted to pursue this business. Foundation Kitchen was born in November 2015, with a couple dollars in the bank, a few handshakes, and a wealth of good-wishes from friends and the local community. With all your support, Foundation Kitchen is still here and growing!

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