Butter Creations has been in business since January 2015. Its simple beginnings transformed from making honey butter to give away as gifts, into a beautiful, sprouting business…and all because my husband believed in me and encouraged me to go for it and dream big!  So, as you can see, Butter Creations has just started it’s journey. The story is yet to be written. 

But if there was one word to describe our journey thus far, it would be…Blessed!  The Lord has worked in us and through us to make this business successful.  We are continually amazed at how much people love our honey butter!  (Just think…a product made by our hands and hearts is being enjoyed in homes all over the Midwest.  This isn’t a moment of me bragging…it’s a moment of amazement!)  All the credit goes to the One who made it all possible!  My husband and I have also met some fabulous people along our honey butter filled path and we are hoping to one day meet you, dear reader and visitor of this webpage.

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