We started in the kitchen many years ago. Throughout our careers, we studied holistic foods that include plants, herbs, and developed recipes along the way. At Vai FoodWorks we travel throughout the country offering authentic Pacific Island foods and Mexican-American foods where we get to make everything from scratch. We do this because of our own lessons learned from not-so-clean eating and now clean eating (we live by the latter) and discovered that great tasting food with huge flavor profiles can be made with organic and non-GMO ingredients. We believe so much in clean eating that we base our business model on non-GMO and organic foods.

Another reason for using non-GMO ingredients is because of the health crisis we are in as a community and a culture. Along the way we developed a heavy conscience for taking responsibility in reducing toxicity in the food by not purchasing cheap products that are ridden with pesticides or cut at the genome level. As individual owners we are involved in on going community projects where we take seriously how we affect the community. Otherwise, what's the point.

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