My passion is to share my love of creating delicious food with our clients. I love to teach others and help them discover their inner chef. I especially love sharing the joy of creating beautiful and healthy food with kids.

I think the best thing about working as a personal chef is that you can watch people enjoy your creations and hear their reactions. Nothing is more rewarding for me than to hear my work receiving "Ooh" and "Wow" and "Amazing" comments.

I have found that because you experience your food with your eyes first, it is important that what is presented looks appetizing. The aroma and texture is of course a factor, as these are experienced before you actually taste the food. But the most critical, is the layers of flavor which a great chef can cultivate in their dishes.

I have been a professional chef for 17 years and have been instructing since 2010.

I truly believe great food is art.

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